Hansen back for more Dang action

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen appears to be having a much better day at the Full Tilt Poker felt.

The Great Dane had a hand in all of the top 25 biggest pots recorded so far today in MarketPulse, most of them against Di "Urindanger" Dang.

The big difference from his run-ins with the Dang brothers earlier in the week is that this time most of the pots are being shipped Hansen's direction.

Of the top 10 pots of the day so far, Hansen has picked up nine. Though the one Urindanger did rake in was the biggest of the day.

Dang picked up the $137,994 pot while playing some heads-up at Hansen Knockout on Full Tilt Poker. Hansen put him all-in after they saw a flop of K T 3.

Dang was more than willing to put his chips in with his 9 J K K. His top set had Hansen's 5 A T Q dominated.

His situation didn't improve either as the rest of the board came 6 A.

Luckily for Hansen the nine pots he did win in today's top 10 have all been for more than $100k as well, more than making up for that loss.

The second biggest pot of the day so far saw Hansen and Dang get all in preflop with Hansen holding K K T 7 and Dang holding J A J Q.

This time Hansen spiked a set of kings when the flop came A 2 K, and when another ace fell on the turn, he had a full house. The best Dang could muster from his hand once the 9 hit the river was trip aces.

Click below to watch how the hands played out.

One for Urindanger.

Things are looking up for Hansen.

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