Hand with Hellmuth triggers UltimateBet issue

Phil Hellmuth

The online poker community is rumbling again with the news of a poker hand at UltimateBet that paid out the loser instead of the winner.

You could say the natives are restless waiting for an answer to "How did this happen?" and it doesn't help the issue that the losing player in question happens to be UltimateBet's top pro Phil Hellmuth.

The hand took place on Saturday, Dec. 20. According to posters in the 2+2 forums, the players involved were PHILHELLMUTH and DOUBLEBALLER.

They were playing at a $200/$400 No-Limit Hold'em table. Phil Hellmuth was in the small blind and DOUBLEBALLER was in the big. Both stayed in the hand, and by the end of betting after the river, the pot was up to $5,600.

DOUBLEBALLER showed K Q with a board of J K K 2 9 for three of a kind. Phil Hellmuth mucked his hand, but then the pot was shipped his way anyway.

UltimateBet was made aware of the hand, and Paul Leggett, CEO of Tokwiro Enterprises, the parent company of UltimateBet, issued a statement about the hand in the UltimateBet blog that same day.

He said: "Earlier today we learned about a poker hand where our system paid out the losing player instead of the correct winning hand. The hand number is #1162170993. We are investigating this software malfunction as our absolute top priority.

"This is the first incident of this kind we have encountered. We are currently examining the poker system and the application logs in order to pinpoint the cause of the malfunction."

Despite the message at UltimateBet, the online poker players in the 2+2 Forums were still rumbling, wanting more information about the incident and about what the UltimateBet support was saying in regard to the matter.

DOUBLEBALLER, who is known as DaBruce at 2+2, kept the forum updated about his call to customer support where he was initially refunded $2,300 of his money. Later on Saturday he said he called about the issue again and was refunded the remaining $3,300.

DaBruce also said that when UltimateBet refunded his money, "They offered no excuses, just apologized and said they would look into it. They did say that they have never seen this happen before."

So far neither the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, UltimateBet nor Tokwiro has issued any further statements in the matter.

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