Halfrek, lilkimmer77 shine at FTOPS VIII

Mike Matusow

FTOPS VIII Events 10 and 11 were completed on Monday, and some familiar faces are starting to come out of the woodwork.

Jonathan Turner, Kenny Rap and even Mike Matusow had parts to play in the two events that drew nearly 3,000 players combined. Here's a closer look at both of them.

FTOPS Event 10 Pot-Limit Omaha/8

Pot-Limit Omaha/8 isn't the world's most popular poker variant, but don't tell that to the amazing 1,137 players who showed up to get in the action.

Perhaps most amazing of all was the fact that host Mike Matusow cashed in his own event. It's not that surprising, since Omaha variants are considered Matusow's strongest games, but so far at the FTOPS VIII the hosts have been shut out of their own games.

Matusow finished 47th for $568, which is a far cry from winning your own event like Erick Lindgren did in a past edition of the FTOPS, but it will still give Matusow bragging rights for FTOPS VIII thus far.

In other news online player whothedonk, who won Event 2 of FTOPS VIII, managed to finish at the final table of Event 10, coming in seventh for $6,822. That finish puts whothedonk firmly in the lead of the FTOPS VIII leaderboard, although a well-known online player also cashed in Event 11 to help put the heat on whothedonk.

lilkimmer77 took down the entire tournament in the end for a total of $51,165, which is a very decent score for a Pot-Limit Omaha/8 event.

Here are the rest of the final-table finishers:

1. lilkimmer77 $51,165
2. Madame Maria $32,404
3. Chessmanrus $23,990
4. Se_Musta_Mies $18,760
5. playerforty4 $14,212
6. hamazriya $10,233
7. whothedonk $6,822
8. kvnpat $5,116
9. TheZQZ $3,638

FTOPS Event 11 No-Limit Hold'em

FTOPS Event 11 offered something for players looking to play at a higher level. The $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em event was hosted by Nick "The Takeover" Shulman, who knows a bit about winning at high stakes levels, having won over $3.3 million from tournaments alone.

A total of 1,593 players bought in and created a prize pool of $1.59 million. Of note were CrazyZachary who finished 33rd for $4,460, Huck Seed 50th for $3,265, Jonathan "PearlJammed" Turner 115th for $2,150, fkscreennames 117th $2,150 and announcer Bruce Buffer who finished 160th for $1,911.

Kenny Rap continues to have an exceptional FTOPS and finished 27th for $5,256, in the process reaching second place on the current FTOPS VIII leaderboard.

Well-known online player Halfrek beat huey680 in heads-up play to take down an impressive $342,495 for first place.

Here's a look at the final nine finishers:

1. Halfrek $342,495
2. huey680 $216,648
3. Klausen $160,893
4. r4ndomr4gs $127,440
5. MR RUBBIES $95,580
6. DontBluffMePLZZ $68,499
7. Nemo12345 $44,604
8. btmorita $31,860
9. buttsauce33 $22,302

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