Hail to the Chief! LosChief wins Sunday Million

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

Thousands of players packed into their virtual seats in this week's edition of the PokerStars Sunday Million but it was online player LosChief who would walk away with the best of it, taking down a staggering $183,134.

When all the entries were tallied in poker's biggest weekly online tournament there was a total of 8,260 players in the hunt for exorbitant amounts of cash. The players combined to create a prize pool of $1.6 million, which was just enough to eclipse the PokerStars guarantee of $1.5 million on the tournament.

The top 1,261 players would get paid and it would take roughly three and a half hours to get to that point. It took about five more hours to get down to the final table of nine and by that point LosChief had been established as one of the middle stacks.


After outlasting seven of his eight opponents, LosChief entered heads-up play against Birdstone44 with nearly the same amount of chips. The two players decided to do an almost even chop but leave $30,000 for the first-place finisher.

As you've probably ascertained, LosChief was able to crank the aggression and finally put Birdstone44 away for good. Second place was still good for $151,560 so it was hard to feel sorry for Birdstone44.

Meanwhile the PokerStars Warm-Up was played out on a cosmic level with Kenny "SpaceyFCB" Hallaert eventually taking top honors for $107,844.

Finally the $109+R Sunday tournament (which is typically one of the larger events of the day) went to Nick "FU_15" Maimone, who beat arbianight in heads-up to take down the $71,058 first-place prize.

It looks to be a busy week for PokerStars fans, as the site is in the midst of hosting EPT Deauville in France and LAPT Vina del Mar in Chile. You can read PokerListings' coverage of EPT Deauville here.

Here are the rest of the major final-table results from the PokerStars Sunday that occurred on Jan. 18, 2009:

Sunday Million [Two-way deal]

1. LosChief United Kingdom $183,134
2. Birdstone44 United States $151,560
3. twopairdad United States $91,686
4. swifterjet Canada $74,340
5. Oracle MCA United States $57,820
6. dyeti United Kingdom $41,300
7. play2call Germany $28,910
8. AngeL_fH Brazil $18,998
9. Raccabacka Sweden $11,564

Sunday Warm-Up

1. SpaceyFCB Belgium $107,844
2. IM CRU United States $75,240
3. sanuk7 United Kingdom $50,160
4. Sibirn Norway $41,800
5. cjf123 United States $33,440
6. wtfsvi Norway $25,080
7. Gripen76 Finland $16,720
8. Montilja Sweden $10,450
9. wieselsen Germany $6,771

No-Limit Hold'em $109+R

1. FU_15 United States $71,058
2. arbianight United States $51,469
3. tomgus456 Finland $38,410
4. jayvedo Netherlands $28,807
5. Roothlus United States $20,165
6. Pokerccini Germany $16,324
7. Amke Russian Federation $12,483
8. chuckcp1 United States $8,642
9. woltas Canada $5,377

Sunday 500 [Three-way deal]

1. cwp394 United States $69,667
2. Pappe_Ruk Netherlands $77,259
3. kaisersaus Norway $70,006
4. dropkick84 Netherlands $39,337
5. Metsfan512 United States $27,536
6. kleath United States $22,291
7. Apathy123 Canada $17,046
8. RaSZi Netherlands $11,801
9. Miltyj55 Canada $7,343

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