Guy Ritchie's new poker movie

Guy Ritchie's newest movie, Revolver, chronicles the story of a poker playing prodigy and his underworld friends as they avoid being killed by and try to kill a crime boss.

Scheduled for a September release in Ritchie's native UK, the film follows hotshot moneymaking poker player Jake Green, who is invited with his two brothers to play in a private game which he is expected to lose against Dorothy Macha, a crime boss and casino owner who can't play poker to save his life.

Green, however, suffers from a lack of common sense and an abundance of audacity and beats Macha fast, making merciless fun of the crime boss in the process. As a result, after Jake and his brothers leave the game, Macha orders a hit on Green, who ends up working for and being protected by a pair of underworld brothers, Avi and Zach, who in turn are working to take Macha out.

The cast features Ray Liotta as Dorothy Macha, Jason Statham as Jake Green, Vincent Pastore as Zach, and Andre Benjamin as Avi. The film has yet to secure a distribution deal in the United States and will currently be released only in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe.

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