Gus Hansen tests Urindanger again heads-up

Gus Hansen

Hansen Hangout was hopping today at Full Tilt Poker as Gus Hansen and Di "Urindanger" Dang traded some hefty pots back and forth this afternoon.

There was no room for collusion accusations this time around as the two high-stakes hitters went head-to-head for a couple hours playing some $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha.

Dang picked up most of the biggest pots of the match-up, and the biggest pots of the day so far, but Hansen picked up a few as well to make the top 10 hands an even 5-5 split.

The biggest pot, $217,141, went to Urindanger. After seeing a flop of Q 4 3, Hansen check-raised to put himself all-in, and Urindanger made the call.

Hansen showed Q A T K and Urindanger showed his J A 8 A. When the board finished K 2, Hansen was left looking at a losing two-pair against Dang's flush.

Lucky for Hansen he'd picked up the second biggest pot of the matchup about 15 minutes before that to help make up for some of that.

Hansen filled a straight on the river to rake in a $186,143 pot.

Click below to see how these hands played out.

Urindanger flush with chips

Hansen hits a straight

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