Gus Hansen tangles with the other brother

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen just can't quit those Dang brothers.

The Great Dane has been having a terrible April and things got worse last night as he tussled with Hac "trex313" Dang at high-stakes heads-up PLO.

You might remember that just last week Hansen was embroiled in a heated battle with Hac's brother Di "Urindanger" Dang at the same stakes with the same result.

Last night Hansen and Hac played several pots that totaled over $200,000.

The pot of the evening came when Hac was dealt J T 9 8 while Hansen looked down to find A 7 5 3. Hac bet pre-flop and Hansen flat-called.

The flop came 9 4 2 and trex313 C-bet. Hansen raised to $54,000 and Hac re-raised to $180,000.

Hansen decided to call for the last of his $50,000 chips and the board finished with 2 and then the K to make Hac's hand hold. The older Dang brother happily raked a $236,993 pot.

It was not a great session for Hansen, who despite being up nearly $3 million earlier this year has donated most of it back to the high-stakes sharks.

Meanwhile, the rest of the high-stakes players were rather quiet last night. The durrrr Challenge also remains on an extended hiatus as MarketPulse for all more high-stakes updates or download the Full Tilt client to rail the action live.

Check below to see how the biggest hand of Hansen/Hac session played out:

All Hac'ed up.

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