Gus Hansen opens poker school

Gus Hansen
Learn how to play poker like Gus Hansen at his new poker school

Gus Hansen is known for his bold bluffs and crazy moves at the poker table. Now, the Danish superstar wants to teach the world how to gamble for real.

At Gus Hansen's recently opened online poker school players can watch instructional videos and discuss poker among themselves and with Hansen himself. In time, Hansen will provide in-depth poker analysis as well.

As a special promotional offer, a tournament in which you can win a home game with Hansen will be held. To make things even more interesting, the high-stakes gambler will bring DKK10,000 to the game.

For the moment, the poker school is available in Danish only, but there are plans to launch an English version as well. Gus Hansen is eager to spread his wisdom throughout the poker community.

"I view myself as a player. Regardless if it's about gambling - or whatever you want to put into the word," Hansen told the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet.

Despite having won three World Poker Tour titles and lots of other major tournaments, Hansen is open to debate about the game. He is well aware that many view him as a maniac rather than a genius at the poker table.

"Actually, I would say, the more you disagree, the better. There are many different ways to approach the game, and the fact that I have launched this site doesn't mean that I'm right in everything I say," said Gus Hansen.

You can find Gus Hansen's poker school at

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