Gus Hansen in danger against Di Dang

Gus Hansen

Never trust a player with a name like Urindanger, because you just might be.

Late last night Team Full Tilt pro Gus Hansen apparently wanted to see what his edge was against Di "Urindanger" Dang, and the result wasn't pleasant for the Great Dane.

The pair played a series of heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha matches at the Barn (a Full Tilt Deep Stack table) in which the pot sizes seemed to be escalating at a rapid pace.

Numerous $70,000+ pots were shipped to Di, and Hansen had to be frustrated by the end of the night. Although Di also won a few pots off players like IAmSoSo he seemed more interested in playing Hansen.

Although Urindanger isn't listed in MarketPulse's top 100 moneymakers this year (which provides comprehensive data on No-Limit Hold'em cash games), his brother Hac "Trex313" Dang is certainly doing all right, with an estimated $1.1 million in Hold'em alone.

Perhaps it's a case of sibling rivalry that's elevating Urindanger's game as of late.

Check out a bit of Di's work in the hand below, which saw a pot worth nearly $80,000 shipped to the man they call Urindanger.


Gus Hansen vs. Urindanger

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