Gus Hansen gets trex'ed

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen has been one of the busiest players at the high-stakes online games on Full Tilt Poker in the new year, and Hac "trex313" Dang was only too happy to rake a couple $200,000+ pots from him yesterday.

Hansen dominated the top 10 biggest pots yesterday, according to data collected by the PokerListings' MarketPulse feature.

The majority of the games were action-oriented Pot-Limit Omaha, with players like the aforementioned Hansen and Dang as well as regulars like Tom "durrrr" Dwan and tsarrast all getting in on the action. Hansen and Dang seemed to be the most active, however, as the Great Dane could lay claim to being involved in nine of the top 10 biggest pots.


In the biggest hand of the night Dang flopped middle pair plus a gut-shot straight draw, while Hansen merely had bottom pair and a backdoor flush draw. Dang bet $54,000 but Hansen got aggressive and shoved all-in for nearly $100,000. Dang made the call but the turn gave Hansen a better two pair to put the Full Tilt pro in the lead.

Fortunately for Dang the river filled up his boat and he was off to the $241,411 pot club.

Meanwhile the MarketPulse Top Online Money Makers Hold'em section is still dominated by Dwan, as he has quickly run his profits up to a cool $510,000, while Matt Hawrilenko is up to $196,159 and Alec "traheho" Torelli is up to $131,241.

You can check out the complete Hansen vs. Dang hand in video form below:

Oh Dang it!

For more high-stakes action, check out the MarketPulse section, or head to Full Tilt Poker to take a shot at the virtual felt yourself.


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