Gus Hansen gets chomped

Gus Hansen

Just as everyone expected, Gus Hansen has been throwing his weight around online again, winning the day's largest pot (so far) against David Benyamine, while losing the second largest against trex313.

When Gus Hansen is on the table, you never really know what to expect. He's hyperaggressive, ridiculously skillful and always, always, always good for some serious action.

It's this aggression that can fool opponents into paying Hansen off in situations where he should receive nothing, but it's also this aggression that will allow his opponents to hit monstrous pots when they make the nuts themselves.

In this hand online high-stakes pro trex313 gets a little bit of good luck (not all that much, since he did have approximately 900 outs), and a nice large pot.

Click the icon to watch the hand play out, or read the history below.


Game: $500/$1,000 - Omaha Table: Hansen Knockout Players: Gus Hansen, trex313 Date: Jan. 17, 2009 4:00:22 ET Hand ID: 10087952685

Table Setup
Gus Hansen Seat 1 Stack size: $109,093     Posts small blind of $500
trex313 Seat 2 Stack size: $72,397 Posts big blind of $1,000

Dealing down cards
Gus Hansen calls $500
trex313 checks

Flop 9 8 6
trex313 bets $1,500
Gus Hansen raises $6,500
trex313 calls $5,000

Turn 9 8 6 [4]
trex313 checks
Gus Hansen bets $15,000
trex313 raises $60,000
Gus Hansen raises $86,593
trex313 calls $4,897
Gus Hansen shows 6 3 8 7
trex313 shows J 8 T 2

River 9 8 6 4 [7]
trex313 wins $144,794

Hansen flopped the absolute nuts; unfortunately for him, flopping the nuts in MarketPulse section to keep an eye on the action.


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