Gus Hansen Dominates Tilt’s Cap Games

Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen has his reputation built around one thing: Instigating sick action.

Gus Hansen spent almost all of yesterday seated at Full Tilt’s Cap Pot-Limit Omaha tables, crushing the games for over $485k.

Hansen's day started with a $500/$1,000 Cap-PLO session against ex-CardRunners pro Cole South. After 169 hands, South took his leave down just over $12k.

While waiting for his next opponent at the nosebleed games, Hansen stopped by the $200/$400 Cap-PLO games for 99 hands, adding another $15k to his roll.

Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin signed on to be Hansen's next victim at the nosebleed cap games, losing $145,388 in his 111-hand stay.

After fleecing Griffin, Hansen took six hours off before returning to Full Tilt to join the running $200/$400 Cap-PLO game, where he lost $50,499 over 95 hands.

Shortly after starting the $200/$400 session, Hansen joined Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies at a regular $500/$1,000 PLO table, but left the game after just 26 hands down $14k.

It appears as if Hansen left the game with Sahamies to host a $500/$1,000 Cap-PLO re-match against South. The second round lasted for 220 hands with Hansen making another $376,430.

In total, Hansen added $485,129 to his roll, bringing him up to around $860k profit on the year so far.

Below are three of the hands from yesterday's sessions. To see more hands head to our online poker stats page.


666, the number of Hansen.



The perfect river for South.



Another straight for South.

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