Gus Hansen: Are the sharks circling?

Gus Hansen

Less than 24 hours after Gus Hansen's well-publicized collusion accusations against Phil Galfond and Di Dang, the Great Dane was surprisingly back for more nosebleed online action this morning.

Even more surprising? His opponent was Di's brother, Hac "trex313" Dang - perhaps an indication Hansen didn't really take his cheating claims that seriously himself.

Although given that Hac parked himself in the free seat at Hansen's private heads-up tables on Full Tilt and kept anyone else from sitting, it could simply have been a case of playing Hac, or not playing at all.

Either way, the controversy stirred up the perenially warm waters around Hansen and brought the high-stakes sharks circling yet again.

Regardless of Hansen's claims, when it comes to heads-up poker, there are only two things a player can blame for a loss:

  1. Himself
  2. Bad luck

And unless you're Phil Hellmuth, you can only blame big losses on bad luck for so long.

Out of the top five pots of the session this morning, Hansen ended up on the losing end of three, taking his net losses over $125k.

See below for replays of the five biggest pots:



Overpair battle

A wishful Gus

trex313 hits one of his many outs

Flopping a full house is almost always a good thing


To watch more big hands from the session, head to PokerListings' MarketPulse section.

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