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A five-way chip-count chop at the end of the PokerStars Sunday Million this week saw several players taking home big money, but in the end it was Gunslinger3 who was the last man standing to earn the win and the extra cash.

Gunslinger 3 may regret having agreed to a chop when play got down to five players. He was second in the chip count and got a big share of the remaining prize pool in the chop, but had he held out for the win, he could have gone home even richer.

The players and the chip-count chop were:

  • RBC*: $121,197
  • Gunslinger3: $110,921
  • M.nosbocaJ: $89,013
  • Bastinho06: $88,441
  • OCTAGONS: $83,907

The biggest beneficiary of the chop turned out to be RBC*. He got the biggest piece of the chop since he had the highest chip count, but just two hands after the chop he lost a massive pot to Gunslinger3 and eventually ended up in fourth place.

In the end it came down to Gunslinger3 against M.nosbocaJ for the remaining $30,000 left from the chop. M.nosbocaJ was looking at a pretty hefty deficit with his $9.4 million in chips against Gunslinger3's $67 million.

Gunslinger3 won the first three hands of heads-up play pre-flop, and M.nosbocaJ reclaimed chips over the next three hands, but there wouldn't be a miraculous comeback for the Swede.

In the seventh hand, his pocket fives went up against Gunslinger3's J T and the flop brought K 2 J to give Gunslinger3 the lead. When the turn and river came 7 9, Gunslinger3 had the win.

The PokerStars Sunday Million final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Gunslinger3 United States $140,921.83
2nd M.nosbocaJ Sweden $89,013.96
3rd OCTAGONS Ireland $83,907.15
4th RBC* United States $121,197.10
5th bastinho06 France $88,441.38
6th x-13 Argentina $39,020.10
7th Neab United Kingdom $26,778.50
8th exomil France $17,497.30
9th Octavian_C United States $10,711.40

Players from the United States also won the Sunday Warm-Up at PokerStars and the Sunday Two Hundred Grand. Americans couldn't get away with a clean sweep of major events, however, as a German took the Sunday Second Chance tournament and a player from Monaco won the $5,200 Freezeout.

The results from each of the events are as follows:

Sunday Warm-Up

Place Name Country Prize
1st GrtWhtHype United States $105,000
2nd JSchnett United States $75,000
3rd CoooKay United States $52,500
4th mattster24 United States $39,375
5th Stajje Norway $31,500
6th QuasiFiction United States $24,000
7th TaTaTunes United States $16,500
8th KingGr Greece $10,500
9th montjeu8 Lebanon $7,050

Sunday Two Hundred Grand

Place Name Country Prize
1st Skymutt2 United States $21,528.01
2nd simoglu Germany $15,069.61
3rd blith United States $10,764.01
4th 5ulinko Slovak Republic $8,611.21
5th Alcony Germany $6,458.41
6th nielsa Denmark $4,305.61
7th DANUTTS87 United Kingdom $3,229.21
8th KCPKING United States $2,152.81
9th evolutionv11 Germany $1,614.61

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st PitBrett Germany $54,120
2nd torkolort1 Norway $39,150
3rd govshark2 United States $30,000
4th nanonoko United States $22,500
5th Shiherlis35 Belgium $15,750
6th yellowsub86 United States $12,750
7th mattidm Belgium $9,750
8th bipolarbear1 United States $6,750
9th yadio Canada $4,200

Sunday $5,200 Freezeout

Based on finishing order and three-way deal

Place Name Country Prize
1st poofter Monaco $33,333.34
2nd rivermanl United Kingdom $8,333.33
3rd ADZ124 Canada $8,333.33

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