Gunnar blows a wheel in Dortmund

Cristiano Blanco

The blinds were soaring, the antes were up and the stacks were dwindling as they reached the final four at the sold out European Poker Tour (EPT) event in Dortmund, Germany this weekend. Or, more accurately, only some of the stacks were dwindling. Then, one-time chip leader Gunnar Rabe blew a wheel.

At the last good count for Rabe, the blinds had hit $25,000/$50,000 and action had been all Gunnar, moving his way to a decisive chip lead and set to wield some heavy artillery for the stretch run.

Until, as tournament reporter Matt Showell called it, a case of "brain malfunction" against Sebastion Ruthenberg changed the course of the final table.

Here's how it went down, according to Showell:

"Gunnar opened the pot to $125,000 and Sebastion smooth-called to see a flop of 4s-As-Td. Seb checked and Gunnar led out with $120k. Ruthenberg check-raised to $260,000 and Rabe called.

"The turn was the 8s and Seb led out with $400k. Gunnar calls and the river is the 5s. Seb checks and Gunnar immediately goes all-in. Seb calls rather reluctantly and turns over pocket eights for the set as if he's already lost the hand.

"Gunnar, however, turns over Q-T with no spade for second pair! Sebastion feels like he's hit the lottery as he rakes in a $2 million pot."

Two consecutive all-ins after that and Gunnar was toast, leaving the aforementioned Ruthenberg, Cristiano Blanco (pictured) and Andreas Hoivold left to battle it out into the German evening.

Someone's going to walk away with €672,000 when all is said and done, and, you could wait for the televised final table to air weeks from now to see how it plays out.

Or you could follow all the action right now, catch up with the hand-by-hand details and read an insightful interview with the winner in our Live Tournament Section.

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