Grndhg25 and CrazyZachary finish off FTOPS V

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey hosted Event 12 of the FTOPS V.

It was a thrilling final day of the FTOPS V with Grndhg25 and CrazyZachary taking home the goods.

We'll start with Grndhg25 who won the two-day $2,500+$120 event with its massive prize pool of $1.62 million. The event was hosted by Max Pescatori, David Chiu and Eddy Scharf on Day 2 to claim his very own gold avatar (along with $396,900).

By the time the final table came around Grndhg25 had a chip lead of Jamie Gold proportions. Grndhg25 had $739,544 in chips - nearly twice as much as his nearest competitor, Viktor, who had $472,617.

soggy dog had the unfortunate distinction of being the first player to bust from the final table. soggy dog held A-Q and flopped top pair on a board of Q-9-8. soggy dog pushed all-in but it was a case of bad timing because Grndhg25 held J-10 for the straight. It came as no surprise when Grndhg25 won the hand.

Batera followed soggy dog on the next hand. Batera was forced all-in on the big blind holding a weak J-7 and was called by Mattman14 who had A-K. The A-K held up and Mattman14 won the hand.

Play calmed down for a while but things heated when fridhem was dealt A-K. fridhem pushed all-in pre-flop and got a caller in Viktor who held pocket queens. A queen fell on the flop and the rest was history. Naskoxx was right behind fridhem, however. Naskoxx shoved pre-flop with A-Q but was dominated by Grndhg25's A-K. The flop brought a queen... and a king. That essentially sealed Naskoxx's fate and put Grndhg25, who had $1.9 million, in a fantastic position to run the table.

Grndhg25 did just that by busting out Mattman14 and SkinnyRick in quick succession. It was Grndhg25's game to lose with just bashup and Viktor remaining.

bashup was eliminated when his pocket queens faced off against Grndhg25's pocket eights. The turn brought an eight, which spelled doom for bashup. bashup finished in third which was good enough for $180,000.

Grndhg25 carried a 2-1 chip edge over Viktor and it was all over within 10 hands. On a flop of A-8-8 Viktor pushed all-in with 8-7 but his timing couldn't have been worse as Grndhg25 flipped over Q-8. Nothing came for Viktor and Grndhg25 earned the title of FTOPS Champion (and $396,900).

The final-table results were as follows:

Place Player Prize
1. Grndhg25 $396,900
2. Viktor $247,050
3. bashup $182,250
4. SkinnyRick $141,750
5. Mattman14 $105,300
6. naskoxx $76,950
7. fridhem $50,220
8. Batera $38,880
9. soggy dogg $30,780

In the FTOPS V Main Event CrazyZachary took it home. Check back tomorrow as we bring you complete results but for now check out the final-table results:

Place Player Prize
1. CrazyZachary $395,905
2. Clayton_27 $240,345
3. chardrian $155,652
4. MFjimmyLOWRY $121,317
5. pokerskibum $91,560
6. jbaggs $68,670
7. rppkoz $52,647
8. kiwid10 $40,057
9. chubbawubba $29,757

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