Greenstein takes fifth in $2.5k Mixed

Barry Greenstein
Another elimination, another book to sign for Barry Greenstein.

Barry Greenstein narrowly avoided winning his fourth World Series of Poker bracelet on Friday night.

Greenstein took fifth in the $2,500 Mixed Hold'em event, banking a $57,671 consolation prize despite entering the final table as the marquee name.

The Bear knows who he blames for his early finish.

"I feel like I played kind of badly at the final table," Greenstein told

He entered the day seventh in chips but quickly leapt up the leaderboard after eliminating two players in Day 3's early stages.

It was only the start of an up-and-down day for the Team PokerStars Pro pro, who picked himself off of the mat repeatedly as the evening wore on.

"A lot of the rollercoaster was me making bad decisions to get short and then me getting lucky to get chips again," said Greenstein.

"Whenever I got short I got really lucky and doubled up so I can't really complain."

Ultimately, Greenstein would succumb to fellow PokerStar Ylon Schwartz, who would go on to finish third place.

Canadian Bahador Ahmadi would win the tournament, but by that point Greenstein was already setting to work building a stack in Friday's $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event.

He told he has no trouble leaping from one pressure-packed final table to what might be the toughest tournament in the world.

"I've never had a hard time working and this is what it is for me, it's work," he said.

The Bear is known for his incredible work ethic at the tables and he put his lazier rivals on blast, telling PokerListings he has no trouble putting in the hours.

"The World Series is once a year and it's a month or a month and a half. It kind of bothers me some of these young kids who sound really wimpy to me saying 'oh boy, we have to play all these hours.'

"A lot of time I'll get knocked out of a tournament and go play at Bellagio. I've never been afraid to work and I don't understand people who complain about it."

Work habits aside, Greenstein's start in the $50k H.O.R.S.E. event was not exactly sparkling.

"I'm not playing so well here," he said.

"It's a residual effect of playing badly at the final table - I haven't got it out of my system."

The H.O.R.S.E. tournament features a 150,000 starting stack and a generous structure, so Greenstein's late arrival and general downswing haven't affected him too poorly.

"I started short because I missed the first few hours and I'm about where I started," he said. "I just need a good run."

At time of writing, Poker Road's benefactor was sitting on 134,000. He has four and a half days to make up the difference.

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