Greenstein schools Masterclass at PokerStars

Barry Greenstein

One of the perks at PokerStars has always been playing with the stars, and now the poker site also offers players some exclusive time with one of the game's best.

Players can now use their Frequent Player Points for a Masterclass with Barry Greenstein. The class gives players a chance to sit down for a game of H.O.R.S.E. with Greenstein as he offers tips and shows his hole cards during points in the game.

Participants, who paid out 60,000 FPPs for the event, also received Greenstein's Ace on the River.

The first Masterclass took place Nov. 17 with seven players joining Greenstein, one of whom was Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi.

The event took three hours to finish, with Greenstein coming out the winner. The poker site already had a plan in place in the event that Greenstein won: his piece of the $7,500 prize pool would go to the Children, Incorporated charity.


However, during the event, Greenstein incorrectly told the players his prize money would be distributed among the players who finished below him in the money.

"We decided to honor Barry's statement by redistributing his winnings to these players and to make the donation to charity as originally publicized at an extra cost of $3,750 to us," said a PokerStars representative.

The results of the Masterclass tournament were:

  1. Barry Greenstein $3,750 (donated to charity)
  2. Supa4real $2,250
  3. The Grinder $1,500
  4. bd3109
  5. Aryamehr
  6. Entropy xx
  7. xthesteinx
  8. -db-

PokerStars plans to offer the Masterclass with Greenstein four times a year. The next one is scheduled for February.

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