Greenstein on Ivey's seventh WSOP win


It's difficult to ignore Phil Ivey.

The day after winning his seventh Billy Baxter for sixth place all-time in WSOP bracelets. Ivey is now within striking distance of Erik Seidel who has eight bracelets and the late Johnny Moss who accumulated nine bracelets in a life time of poker.

Phil Hellmuth stands atop the all-time bracelet leaderboard with 11 but many are starting to question how long Hellmuth will be safe from Ivey.

"I don't see them as comparable players," said Greenstein. "If Phil Ivey played as many events as Phil Hellmuth he'd probably have about 20 bracelets right now."

Greenstein mentioned that with Ivey it's never a matter of skill but of motivation.

Barry Greenstein
Phil Ivey will end up with most bracelets...

"If Phil Ivey keeps playing the WSOP he will be the one that ends up with the most bracelets," said Greenstein. "I think that's pretty obvious. It's just a matter of him staying motivated. The danger is that players are going to stop betting against him and he could lose interest."

Immediately after Ivey's win rumors were running rampant that he could be winning as much as $10 million from side-bets. While that number was never confirmed there was speculation that Ivey could be hurting the poker economy by keeping some of the well-known players out of the action.

Greenstein was quick to dispel that theory.

"He's taking money out [of the poker economy] but Phil helps a lot of people too so he puts it back in," said Greenstein. "If he takes a couple thousand from some that has millions of dollars I don't think that has much of an effect."

In typical Ivey fashion the Full Tilt Pro showed up late for his own bracelet ceremony this morning despite a large crowd that had gathered to witness Ivey receive his historic seventh bracelet.

Ivey seemed genuinely excited about the bracelet, which strikes a stark contrast to some of his previous wins. He even mentioned his place in poker history as a motivating factor.

"Making two final tables and being able to win both of them really means something to me," said Ivey. "I've decided that I want to win some bracelets and a few more tournaments."

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