Green light for Dusk Till Dawn

David Colclough
There's a chance you could be playing against this guy when the Dusk Till Dawn poker room finally opens.

Dusk Till Dawn will soon be open for business.

In a historic ruling on Wednesday the Nottingham Magistrate's Court issued Dusk Till Dawn a casino license, making it the U.K.'s first legal poker club and the largest licensed cardroom in Europe.

"I am absolutely delighted as are all my team with this news," said Rob Yong, managing director of DTD. "It's been a lot of hard work these last two years but we've cleared the final hurdle and we can look ahead to opening later this year, making DTD the best poker club in Europe."

The poker club was initially delayed when three other casinos objected. The casinos claimed there wasn't enough of a demand for a card room in the area but DTD mentioned it already had more than 3,000 applications for membership. One of the casinos, London Clubs, withdrew its objection within 10 minutes of the case hearing but the remaining two argued till the bitter end.

Eventually, after a visit to the DTD premises and two letters from the Gambling Commission the magistrates were swayed in DTD's favor.

The 15,000-square-foot building where DTD is located will feature 45 poker tables, which is enough to make it one of Europe's premier poker destinations. Renowned poker pro David "El Blondie" Colclough (pictured) will act as an ambassador to the venue.

Those looking for slot machines will be out of luck. There will be no other casino games at the facility. The Betting and Gaming Committee made it clear that if DTD had requested a full casino license it would have been denied.

Ironically the 2005 Gambling Act that just came into effect in Britain allows all casinos, even those with restricted licenses, to host any games they want. Despite that, DTD said it plans to focus on poker alone.

The club, which is located in Nottingham, was originally intended to open in November 2006 but it is now hoping to open its doors before the end of the year.

As with all U.K. casinos membership will be required so be prepared to fill out an application form if you plan on visiting the poker room.

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