GPL Week 4 Recap: Filatov Powers Wolverines, Rome Burns

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It took awhile for the Moscow Wolverines to start rolling but the Russian-based squad has officially climbed to the top of the GPL standings after Week 4.

Team Manager Anatoly Filatov pretty much put the team on his shoulders and dragged them to the top of the standings by picking up a staggering 18 points over two days.

Meanwhile Max Pescatori’s Rome Emperors struggled on Week 4 and had to settle for picking up a single solitary point from two 6-Max matches and three heads-up matches.

In the Americas conference it was the Montreal Nationals that managed to narrowly edge the NY Rounders for top spot.

Here’s a look at all the results from this week:

Tuesday, April 26 — 6-Max Matches

Olivier Busquet
Olivier Busquet with another strong week.

Anatoly Filatov was pretty much the story of 6-max matches at least on the Eurasian side this week.

Filatov finished runner-up in the first match and then won the second outright to power the Moscow Wolverines up the charts with 12 points.

Not only that but Filatov made for good TV while dominating the competition.

Meanwhile the Rome Emperors continued to flounder with a minuscule one point from Walter Treccarichi over two matches.

Meanwhile in the Americas bracket it was much more wide open with Olivier Busquet leading the way with nine points.

Here's a complete look at all four 6-Max matches that were played on Wednesday:

Eurasia Match #1

1. Alexandre Luneau - Paris Aviators - 7 points
2. Anatoly Filatov - Moscow Wolverines - 5 points
3. Jeff Gross - Berlin Bears - 3 points
4. Chris Moorman - London Royals - 2 points
5. Walter Treccarichi - Rome Emperors - 1 point
6. Celina Lin - Hong Kong Stars - 0 points

Eurasia Match #2

1. Anatoly Filatov - Moscow Wolverines - 7 points
2. Jeff Gross - Berlin Bears - 5 points
3. Celina Lin - Hong Kong Stars - 3 points
4. Chris Moorman - London Royals - 2 points
5. Alexandre Luneau - Paris Aviators - 1 point
6. Walter Treccarichi - Rome Emperors - 0 points

Americas Match #1

1. Olivier Busquet - LA Sunset - 7 points
2. Darren Elias - Sao Paulo Mets - 5 points
3. Anton Wigg - San Fransisco Rush - 3 points
4. Tom Marchese - New York Rounders - 2 points
5. Jonathan Little - Las Vegas Moneymakers - 1 point
6. Jason Lavallee - Montreal Nationals - 0 points

Americas Match #2

1. Anton Wigg - San Fransisco Rush - 7 points
2. Scott Ball - Las Vegas Moneymakers - 5 points
3. Jason Lavallee - Montreal Nationals - 3 points
4. Olivier Busquet - LA Sunset - 2 points
5. Tom Marchese - New York Rounders - 1 point
6. Darren Elias - Sao Paulo Mets - 0 points

Wednesday, April 27 — Heads-Up

Anatoly Filatov followed up his strong play in the 6-Max format with a highly entertaining heads-up match against Vanessa Selbst on Wednesday.

Todd Brunson
Tough week for Todd Brunson.

Selbst was fun to watch in her own right and made a few exciting plays that didn’t work out this time around.

Randy Lew continues to be a very solid performer for the Hong Kong Stars and managed to get a mustached ElkY 2-1 in a tight match.

Meanwhile the Rome Emperors continued to struggle as Todd Brunson appeared outmatched by Jeff Gross at times.

  • Anatoly Filatov (Moscow Wolverines) Beats Vanessa Selbst (London Royals) 2-1
  • Randy Lew (Hong Kong Stars) Beats Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier (Paris Aviators) 2-1
  • Jeff Gross (Berlin Bears) Beats Todd Brunson (Rome Emperors) 3-0

Thursday, April 28 — Heads-Up

In the first match of the day it appeared Jonathan Jaffe might roll over Thiago Nishijima but in the end it was Nishijima who stormed back and won the match 2-1.

That was just the appetizer for the heavyweight battle between Olivier Busquet and Tom Marchese.

Busquet finally emerged victorious 2-1 in a highly-intellectual match. Marchese put him to the test on numerous occasions and Busquet, who has been a beast on the GPL, admitted he was exhausted after the match.

It was easily one of the best matches of the GPL thus far.

The final match of the day had a very different feel as amateur Scott Ball took on Jason Lavallee. Ball actually made out OK but it was Lavallee who eventually won 2-1.

  • Thiago Nishijima (Sao Paulo Mets) Beats Jonathan Jaffe (San Fransisco Rush) 2-1
  • Olivier Busquet (LA Sunset) Beats Tom Marchese (NY Rounders) 2-1
  • Jason Lavallee (Montreal Nationals) Beats Scott Ball (LV Moneymakers) 2-1

GPL Standings

Here’s a look at the updated GPL standings after Week 4:


1. Moscow Wolverines - 53 points
2. Paris Aviators - 51 points
3. Hong Kong Stars - 46 points
4. Berlin Bears - 39 points
5. London Royals - 35 points
6. Rome Emperors - 28 points


1. Montreal Nationals - 47 points
2. New York Rounders - 46 points
3. LA Sunset - 43 points
4. LV Moneymakers - 40 points
5. Sao Paulo Mets - 39 points
6. San Francisco Rush - 37 points

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