Good turnout and payouts for Sunday tournaments

The major Sunday online tournaments bounced right back. The turnout was good and the prize pools big for both the Sunday Million and Full Tilt Poker's $300,000 guaranteed.

After a dip in the number of entrants last week, speculation started that NETeller's decision to pull out of the U.S. market would have a big impact on the Sunday tournaments.

It seems, however, that the NFL Conference Final weekend was a more important factor, because yesterday the numbers were back to normal again.

PokerStars monthly $500 buy-in Sunday Million tournament drew 2,768 entrants, and the total prize pool was $1,384,400.

Player westmenloAA from the United States won the tournament and took home the first prize of $254,517.60.

The final table results were as follows:

2nd maxout12 $129,404
3rd GB2005 $85,669.60
4th mylo $70,584
5th aboli70 $56,744
6th dominospizza $42,904
7th doctorin2010 $30,171.20
8th Blom21 $19,099.20
9th frankie810 $11,072

After the disappointing run of the monthly $750,000-guaranteed tournament, Full Tilt Poker lowered their regularly-scheduled big weekly tournament's guaranteed prize pool from $400,000 to $300,000.

The turnout this week was 2,115, which is a mere 14% drop in attendance as compared to the week before the NETeller announcement. The total prize pool was $423,000.

Player Klovnen won the tournament and $77,832 in prize money.

The final table results were as follows:

2nd GDSC $47,799
3rd Temaki $31,302
4th muckthenuts $24,957
5th Algator $19,035
6th flipflopdoc $13,620.60
7th motnahp $9,940.50
8th RaSZi $7,825.50
9th phat_cat1 $5,922

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