GoMukYaSelf wins PokerStars Sunday Million

The Money

There is life in poker outside of the World Series of Poker, and fans need look no further than the crowds drawn to PokerStars' Sunday events for proof.

Not only did 6,521 players partake in the Sunday million this week, there was also plenty of action in the other special Sunday tournaments as well as in the latest $1 million Turbo Takedown.

Shaun Deeb also made the final table of the Sunday Second Chance event where he ended up in ninth place.

Here are the winners for each of the events:

Sunday Million

Based on finishing order and three-way deal.

Place Name Country Prize
1st GoMukYaSelf United States $135,334.75
2nd supadphat United States $105,334.75
3rd jalla79 Sweden $105,334.75
4th central106 Canada $60,645.30
5th PokerED United States $47,603.30
6th aaaaaaaa United States $15,650.40
7th KtheKing Brazil $23,475.60
8th Patrolman35 United States $15,650.40
9th DumpingKGB United States $10,172.76

Sunday Warm-Up

Place Name Country Prize
1st nutshot2 United States $79,950
2nd Sir_winalot9 Norway $57,500
3rd mAAdScientst United States $41,500
4th farfalla7 France $28,000
5th Sveden House United States $23,000
6th LoneHixx United States $18,000
7th JONAS 08 France $13,000
8th obywatel_g Poland $9,000
9th spank01 United States $5,500

Sunday Hundred Grand

Place Name Country Prize
1st redone611 United States $18,640
2nd winwin2 United States $13,048
3rd ykastu Spain $9,320
4th Muggur9 Iceland $7,456
5th Spike1177 United States $5,592
6th TRiSTAN80 Netherlands $3,728
7th jr_status United States $2,796
8th luvbambi United States $1,864
9th trobling United States $1,398

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st LoneHixx United States $49,537.62
2nd florian69 France $36,322
3rd Castro Sweden $27,940
4th leafsstanley Canada $20,955
5th gbecks United States $14,668.50
6th Believer82 United States $11,874.50
7th ryanghall Canada $9,080.50
8th potatopolice United States $6,286.50
9th shaundeeb United States $3,911.60

$1 Million Turbo Takedown

Place Name Country Prize
1st dickson007 United Kingdom $100,000
2nd Chaesi Switzerland $60,000
3rd Bratcat United States $40,000
4th cRRusher United States $32,500
5th Hustler730 United States $25,000
6th 2 irmaos Brazil $20,000
7th iupeli Australia $15,000
8th YWEplay United States $10,000
9th storty Norway $5,500

For more information about these and other events at the poker site, visit PokerStars.

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