purchases White House deed has purchased the only known deed to the White House for $43.45. Acquired through online auction house, the online poker room and casino has joked that they expect to turn the Oval Office into the nation's best poker room.

The deed was bought from author David Jenneson, who, in the process of researching his upcoming book, "Night of the Realtors," discovered that the U.S. government does not own the deed recording property ownership for America's most famous address.

Jenneson had sent a note to the U.S. National Archives requesting a copy of the original deed and, after two months, received a response indicating that they could not find the deed for the White House. After conducting a massive legal investigation into the claim, Jenneson obtained the only known deed for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and decided to auction it on eBay along with a copy of his new book, which tells the tale of a Canadian real estate agent who sells the White House.

His listing attracted over $15,000 in bids in just one day but was pulled from the site suddenly and with no explanation. Jenneson was subsequently contacted by and he accepted their offer of $43.45 for the deed. has made headlines worldwide for its acquisitions of extraordinary goods through online auctions. Its collection also includes Britney Spears' Pregnancy Test and Pope Benedict XVI's previously-owned VW Golf.

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