Golden buys Jerry Garcia toilets for charity

Golden, owner of Golden Palace Poker, has announced its purchase of four toilets formerly owned, and presumably used, by Jerry Garcia, the legendary lead singer of hippy-ear rock band, The Grateful Dead. The Internet gambling site reportedly bought the goods for just over $5,000 in a recent eBay auction hosted by Henry Koltys, the gentleman who bought Garcia's 7,500 square foot house at an auction in 1997 and has since decided to sell the contents and donate all proceeds to charity.

The Sophia Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to assisting children and families in transition, is slated to benefit from the sale of Garcia’s goods to Golden

Proceeds will enable the organization to donate a free version of KidsFirst! Software to parents across the United States. KidsFirst! was designed to assist parents in creating custody agreements, parenting plans, and calendars that protect their children from the trauma of separation or divorce.

"We appreciate this donation by Golden to help the Sophia Foundation create a free version of KidsFirst! parenting software to help protect children during separation or divorce," said Koltys.

"We look forward to further collaboration with Golden to obtain additional contributions and are glad to know the toilets are in good hands. With over 1 million divorces in the U.S. and Canada each year, over half with children, there is a real need to help parents avoid conflict and focus on the children."

Golden spokesperson, Drew Black, said: "We are happy to be able to help such a worthy cause and wish The Sophia Foundation all the best in their efforts."

"We plan to include Mr. Garcia's toilets in our traveling museum, along with our other eccentric items. Expect the museum’s long strange trip to be coming to a town near you sometime this year."

Please see Golden Palace Poker for further details.

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