Golden Palace acquires more Jesus, Virgin Mary paraphernalia

Golden, owner of Golden Palace Poker, last week announced the purchase of a piece of sheet metal purported to bear the image of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The gaming site reportedly purchased the "divine image" and the sheet metal on which it is imprinted for $1,500. Images of the sheet metal are available for viewing at Golden

The item was discovered on a shop floor in Manchester, Connecticut, by Hardy's Hardware employee Thomas Haley. Apparently, Haley was unloading supplies when he found himself doing a "double-take" at a particular piece of sheet metal because "he saw a face staring back at him."

According to Golden, "Haley was shocked at what appeared to be the image of Christ and, when the sheet is turned upside-down, the image of the nativity scene complete with the Virgin Mary as well."

"I mean, it hasn't done anything miraculous as of yet, but seeing it is kind of groovy," said Haley, 23. "Just seeing it brightens people's day."

After showing the image to some friends, most of whom agreed a face was visible – though one contended it resembled Jim Morrison instead - Haley decided to put it up for auction on eBay where it received over 120,000 page visits.

"There is no doubt that an image of a face appears in this item," said Golden CEO Richard Rowe. "Whether it's Jesus, Jim Morrison, or anyone else is in the eye of the beholder. This item has definitely sparked interest and debate however. It will make a great addition to the collection of religious items we will be taking on tour later this year. People will see and decide for themselves."

Please see Golden for further details.

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