Go prospecting with new Poker Academy software

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Poker Academy Software promises your bankroll will boom.

Players will be mining their games for nuggets of insight following the release of Poker Academy's new Prospector software today.

The technology is designed to make online poker players more profitable by analyzing game statistics and performance reports, as well as offering advanced stats filtering, a hand replayer, and a million-hand storage capacity.

As making more money is Prospector's objective, one of its biggest highlights is a feature allowing players to track their purse. Bankrolls are displayed in a graphical representation over all, or selected, sessions using data imported from online poker sites. There is also the option of manually creating the graphs by inputting results from off-line sessions.

The software also points out weak spots in your game through performance reports. These reports, says Poker Academy Software in a release, will pinpoint what strategy is leaking cash from players' bankrolls. This feature is enhanced by the product's storage capacity for up to one million poker hands.

The same goes for opponents' games as well: Prospector offers stats to view the competition's results and group them into categories such as number of players in the pot, position, and hand type.

"We are confident that this cutting-edge poker tool will do wonders for your game and your bottom line," said company president Kurt Lange in a release.

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