GNUF, PokerListings sending Canadian to WSOP

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As the largest online poker guide, offers players the best deals around. The latest person to take advantage of that is Patrick "Chow" Neary, who won his way to the World Series of Poker Main Event through a GNUF and freeroll promotion.

Neary, who plays under the name pneary111111 at GNUF, has been playing online poker for a little more than two years. He's been playing at GNUF the past two to three weeks after signing up there through a promotion.

"I probably play maybe three to four times a week on it and plan on a great relationship with them," Neary said. "It's a great site - great promotions and a great support team as well."

And GNUF is a site Neary says he looks forward to representing at the World Series of Poker. He had also won another $12,000 WSOP prize package from another site, but chose to take the cash there and play for GNUF.

This also won't be the first time the 23-year-old from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, has flown south to check out Las Vegas. He was there for the Losers Leap Extreme Poker Challenge in July 2006.

He also went back to Vegas in November 2006, but it was his first trip where he got to see the WSOP in action and got his first yearning to take part in an event.

As a financial security advisor, Neary works full time and only plays poker when he can squeeze it in on nights and weekends. Those sessions have all added up to a big win for Neary though.

"I was very pleased with my win," he said. "It was a great accomplishment, and I'm so appreciative to PokerListings and GNUF for putting on this great freeroll event. Thanks!"

He won the freeroll with pocket aces, but it was a great call near the end of the tournament that really put the win in Neary's grasp.

He raised with A-J, and the guy right after him pushed all-in, which would have eaten up 75% of Neary's chips. He said his first instinct was to fold, but he thought it may have been a desperation move by the player because the blinds were so high.

"So I put him on an ace with a lower kicker than my AJ, and it turned out he had A-9," Neary said. "So it ended up being a wonderful call."

It's that skill factor that attracted Neary to poker in the first place.

"I like a game where you're in control of your own destiny for the most part," he said, "and I believe poker is about 70% to 90% skill and the rest being the luck factor."

That skill will serve him well in the WSOP Main Event, and hopefully the luck will come with it as well. And if it does, what will Neary do with the money?

"I dunno where I would start," he said. "Being a financial advisor, I would surely invest a lot and really try to manage the money correctly. I would also donate to worthy causes and take care of those who have been so great to me in my life."

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