Glantz: “I Don’t Think Anyone Has a Responsibility to Do Interviews”

It was one of the stranger scenes in WSOP history when Dan Colman declined to be interviewed by most media after winning $15m in the Big One for One Drop.

While his quick exit from the Rio certainly ruffled a few feathers, was there actually anything inherently "wrong" with his behavior?

Matt Glantz, who is a poker ambassador for Parx Casino, doesn’t think so.

“I don’t know Colman personally but I don’t think anyone has a responsibility to do interviews or do anything extra other than just playing the tournament,” he said.

“Be courteous and be respectful to the other players and the venue.”

Glantz: Negreanu was the Best Man for the Job

Dan Colman
A strange moment in poker history.

So long as Colman was respectful at the table then Glantz doesn’t really see a problem.

“It’s his decision not to do an interview and I respect it,” he said.

“I wouldn’t recommend it but if he doesn’t want to do an interview I don’t hold it against him and I don’t think anybody should.”

Going one step farther, Glantz thinks the effects of a winner interview are probably negligible anyways.

“Does it matter in the big picture? Probably not,” he said.

“It’s nice for people who are following. They want to hear from the winner.

"The poker community is niche so it’s nice to have the winner speak for five minutes. It’s good for poker but overall I don’t think it matters too much.”

The very fact that some players opt out of interviews makes it more important for ambassadors to do what they can for poker.

“I think ambassadors are very important,” Glantz said.

“For instance in the One Drop Daniel Negreanu came second and he did half an hour with the media.

"He’s the best man for the job anyways. He crushes it. It almost worked out better than way.”

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