Girl refuses deal, loses WCOOP Event 17

The Spoils of War

After getting "girls don't do deals" thrown in his face, player pes4fans from Germany pulled his game together and won Event 17, $215 No-Limit Hold'em 6-max, of the 2007 WCOOP at PokerStars.

The final table of WCOOP Event 17 was a long and tough one, and it took more than three hours before it was time for heads-up play between pes4fans and player PeachyMer of the United States.

Despite being the short stack PeachyMer refused to make a deal, writing "girls don't do deals" in the chat. pes4fans wasn't thrown off by this remark, and stayed in command of the tournament, playing solid poker.

It all ended in spectacular fashion when the players moved all-in on a 3-3-Q-6-A board. PeachyMer showed A-Q for two pair, but found herself beaten by pes4fans who held 3-5 for trip threes.

Winner pes4fans received $167,553.36 in prize money, while the girl who wouldn't deal had to settle for $98,946.12.

Final-table results:

Place Name Country Prize
1st pes4fans Germany $167,553.36
2nd PeachyMer United States $98,946.12
3rd pape85 Finland $62,918.70
4th AcEGoDD United States $37,061.70
5th Pillars United States $19,823.70
6th jejune524 United States $11,204.70

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