Getting the Most Out of Online Poker Rakeback

The Money

Some players argue that rakeback can actually hinder the development of some online poker players.

They say it encourages players to focus too much on just breaking even and relying too heavily on rakeback payments at the end of the month for any profit.

While that’s a valid concern in some cases, it also ignores many of the opportunities that rakeback deals offer and the vital role that rakeback can play in the many online poker players’ careers.

The extra boost to your bankroll every month from rakeback is obviously the biggest plus to finding a great rakeback deal through a site like

But don’t underestimate the confidence boost that many players get from knowing they’re getting rakeback.

A Good Rakeback Deal Lessens the Sting of Variance

The biggest challenge most poker players face is handling the inevitable variance that the game throws their way.

When their aces get cracked again and again, and their opponents hit their one and two-outers for huge pots like it was the easiest thing in the world, it's very easy to get frustrated.

A good rakeback deal won’t decrease the suckouts and bad beats you encounter, but it can lessen the sting and keep you on top of your game and playing your best poker.

Many players find comfort in the fact that as long as they stay sharp and get their volume in each month, they’ll be able to count on a certain amount of rakeback.

This can, in many cases, completely erase the sting of what might have otherwise been a losing month at the tables.

Extra Profits Can Be Re-Invested

Rakeback isn’t a magic pill, but it helps many players get a step closer to one of the most important steps in a winning poker players’ career - not letting variance get them down or prevent them from putting in time at the tables and playing their best poker.

Rakeback sites like also offer monthly deals that put thousands of extra dollars in player pockets, further easing the sting of a bad month and providing the incentive to buckle down and play some poker.

Extra profits from rakeback can also be re-invested into poker coaching or used to pay for memberships at poker video training sites.

Make sure you take advantage of the free 30-day memberships at DeucesCracked or PokerSavvyPlus that are available to all RakeBrain members, for example.

While rakeback itself won’t be what propels you to sitting at the high-stakes tables with the likes of Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu, it can be a crucial stepping stone along the way for many online players.

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