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Getting Rid of the "Courtney Leak" - Courtney Gee Poker Update

Created By: Courtney Gee
12 October 2012
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This blog entry is going to be a pretty positive one since I’m happy to report that I'm still playing heads-up hypers. I haven't played a ton of games or won a ton of money, but I’ve learned a lot since the last time I wrote.

I had several big leaks when I first started playing HU. Probably my biggest problem was calling the turn and then folding the river when I should have just folded the turn in the first place. It was so bad that my friend and I named it the "Courtney Leak".

The Courtney Leak wasn't a new thing. It dates back further than I can remember, and I certainly had it while I was playing 6-max SnGs. The thing about 6-max, though, is that you see post flop spots a lot less often than HU. So when I started playing HU, I noticed the leak a lot more.

Despite having the leak in my game for long, it was never solved even though I knew it was there for a while. This is simply because not enough work was put into getting rid of it, as is the case with any leak that doesn't get plugged.

Plug your leaks and hold on to more of these.

I finally decided that I needed to eliminate the Courtney Leak for good. My method of solving it was to ensure that I never forgot about it during any of my sessions. I used a notepad file on my desktop beside my tables and wrote in it, "PAY ATTENTION TO MY LEAK".

The notepad file helped me to always remember to look out for the leak. This caused me to think extra-long before I called any bets on the turn. I thought to myself, "What is my plan if I call? If I'm gonna fold when the river bricks, I should just fold now."

Plugging a Leak Takes Time and Hard Work

A bad leak like this isn't plugged overnight, but working on it daily helps get rid of it pretty quickly. I reviewed before every session and found examples of the Courtney Leak in my hand histories. I worked hard to focus on it during every session and the leak started showing up less and less.

After a two week period, I had eliminated the Courtney Leak completely. It also didn't take long to recognize the spots where it actually is correct to call the turn and fold the river. By plugging a simple leak, I became a much stronger player.

Now when I spot problems in my game during review, I put a note in my notepad file and look at it during my session. Just being reminded of what I'm working on while I'm playing helps speed up the improvement exponentially.

Looking up at what I've written so far, I'm kind of surprised that I've written over 400 words just about plugging a leak. I have a lot more to write about, which probably isn't surprising since I haven't updated this blog for around a month. I've been playing a lot more poker these days than in the summer, though, so I expect to update on a much more regular basis now.

In case you haven't read my previous posts here, I also keep a Mental Game blog . I try to post after every session, so feel free to have a look if you want to read my thoughts on a more daily basis.

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Courtney Gee 2012-12-10 23:26:33

@me - No, I'm not talking about either of the situations you mentioned. Usually I have some okay hand that I want to show down so I call a turn bet, but then I realize that I can't call another bet when I get to the river. Often I should have been able to realize ahead of time that I can't call a river bet and therefore should have just folded on the turn.

By the way, sorry for the late reply - I tried to reply many weeks ago, but for some reason my comment was deleted.

@pokerMax - I think every poker player knows the feeling :D

pokerMax 2012-11-16 15:01:18

Haha, I know exactly the feeling when you call even when you know when you shouldn't :)
Good for you you realized it and plugged the leak.

me 2012-10-27 12:43:28

what exactly do you mean when you say you call the turn to fold the river to often? what situations are we talking about here? You mean thinking your ahead on the flop to second guessing yourself on the turn ,or calling the turn with a draw with the wrong odds?