Germany’s Heinecker Wins GDAM for $4.4 Million

niklas heinecker winnershot2
Niklas Heinecker by Kenneth Lim photography

German high-stakes pro Niklas Heinecker outlasted Sorel Mizzi and Isaac Haxton to win the GuangDong Asia Milions for $4,464,516 earlier today.

Heinecker overwhelmed Australian pro Jeff Rossiter heads-up to claim first-place in the contest.

Rossiter took home $3.1 million for his efforts, which was by far the biggest cash of his poker career.

Mizzi entered the final table as the chip leader with 28.3 million chips but couldn’t get past the surging Heinecker who quickly amassed a massive stack.

The Canadian finally shoved with king-seven only to get snapped off by Heinecker with pocket sixes.

Heinecker won the coinflip in emphatic fashion by flopping a set of sixes and busting Mizzi in third place.

Mizzi earned $2 million for third place, which is also his biggest live tournament cash.

Buddiga Busts First, Haxton Falls in Fifth

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton

The fast-paced final table saw former Scripps Spelling Bee champ Pratyush Buddiga bust first. Buddiga received $774k for coming in eighth.

Online crusher Isaac Haxton got off to a fast start at the final table that saw him double his chips from seven million to 15 million but was derailed in an unlucky hand against Heinecker.

Heinecker shoved with Ace-Five and Haxton made a big call with pocket tens. Haxton had the lead until an ace peeled off the river. 

The hand crippled Haxton to just one million chips and proved to be the defining moment of Heinecker’s final table.

Haxton managed to double twice but finally busted in fifth place to pick up $1.6 million.

Here are the complete final-table payouts curtesy of the PokerStarsBlog:

  • 1. Niklas Heinecker (Germany) -- HK$34,600,000 ($4,464,516)
  • 2. Jeffrey Rossiter (Australia) -- HK$24,500,000 ($3,161,290)
  • 3. Sorel Mizzi (Canada) -- HK$16,100,000 ($2,077,419)
  • 4. Zheng Tang (China) -- HK$12,525,000 ($1,616,129)
  • 5. Isaac 'Ike' Haxton (Malta) -- HK$10,200,000 ($1,316,129)
  • 6. Igor Kurganov (Germany) -- HK$8,300,000 ($1,070,967)
  • 7. Anson Yan Shing Tsang (Hong Kong) -- HK$7,150,000 ($922,580)
  • 8. Pratyush Buddiga (Canada) -- HK$6,000,000 ($774,193)
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