Germans Thrive, Anderson Hangs On at EPT Berlin

Roman Herold

The field was cut to just 17 at the EPT Berlin main event today but plenty of Germans rose to the top with eight of the top 10 players representing the home colors.

Leading the way into Day 5 is the relatively unheralded German Roman Herold, thanks primarily to two huge pots that went his way.

The first came early in the day when his turned two-pair topped Day 3 chip leader Aku Joentausta’s top pair to send Aku to the rail and Herold up over 2 million in chips.

The last came on one of the final hands of the night when his rivered two pair topped then-chip leader Alexander Helbig’s flopped two pair for another 2-million chip pot.

Add them up and Herold is the overall chip leader with 4,485,000 - the best of a wide swath of German players looking for a shot at the title.

Nguyen Strong, Anderson and Busquet Hang On

Olivier Busquet
Olivier Busquet

As mentioned the Germans are all over the leaderboard in this one with young gun Khiem Nguyen (2,788,000) and the “Gardener of Poker” Yasar Guden (1,619,000) comfortably positioned for a run at the final table.

Helbig, Robert Haigh, Julian Thomas, Robert Auer and Daniel Pidun join them in the top 10 with just Russians Dashgyn Aliev in second with 3,931,000 and Roman Korenev in tenth with 1,186,000 breaking the stranglehold.

All told Germans will make up close to 50% of the field when play resumes tomorrow and makes its way down to the final table of eight.

The two marquee Americans in the field - #1 online player in the world Calvin Anderson and heads-up kingpin/WPT commentator Olivier Busquet – barely hung on for it.

Anderson was all over the action at the feature table today and even held the chip lead early at 2.4m but couldn’t hold in some key pots and was left with just 561,000.

Busquet nursed the short stack all day and used a double at the expense of Anderson to help carry him into Day 5 with 736,000.

Complete chip counts:

  • Roman Herold, Germany, 4,485,000
  • Dashgyn Aliev, Russia, 3,931,000
  • Khiem Nguyen, Germany, 2,788,000
  • Alexander Helbig, Germany, 2,040,000
  • Robert Haigh, Germany, 1,659,000
  • Yasar Guden, Germany, 1,619,000
  • Julian Thomas, Germany, 1,400,000
  • Robert Auer, Germany, 1,380,000
  • Daniel-Gai Pidun, Germany, 1,191,000
  • Roman Korenev, Russia, 1,186,000
  • Pascal Vos, Netherlands, 1,130,000
  • Matias Kesanen, Finland, 1,082,000
  • Kevin Stani, Norway, 862,000
  • Olivier Busquet, USA, 736,000
  • Lasse Christiansen, Denmark, 678,000
  • Calvin Anderson, USA, 561,000
  • Philippe Barouk, France, 531,000

For a full rundown of the day check the PokerStars blog and tune in tomorrow for live updates starting at noon (6 am ET). Better yet, watch the feature table streaming live right here on PokerListings.

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