German, Polish organizations join WPA

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WPA makes more headway into Europe.

The World Poker Association announced this week in its newsletter that the German Poker Sports Association and the Polish Sport Poker Association have joined the organization as affiliates.

The German Poker Sports Association works to promote poker in all its forms as a regular sport in Germany. The organization is committed to creating the best possible and over-all fair conditions for its members to enjoy the game of poker to its fullest.

To achieve this the GPSA depends on experienced tournament hosts, floormen and dealers to put together tournaments with a professional framework to provide an outstanding tournament experience for players.

The GPSA is also a part of the European Poker Sports Association, of which the Polish Association of Sports Poker is also a member.

The Polish Association has a similar goal to the GPSA's as it works to organize poker as sports competitions in the nation.

"Our goal is to promote poker as a new discipline in English sport," says the organizations Web site.

The Polish Association organizes events at the regional level and nationwide with the intent to systemize and formalize the discipline and create a league based on a very large group of poker fans in Poland.

"The WPA welcomes the GPSA and PSPA and their members," said the WPA in its newsletter. "The WPA continues to form relationships with associations worldwide to establish professional standards for tournament poker worldwide."

The mission of the World Poker Association is to promote poker as a sport by advocating professionalism and uniform rules and standards of conduct, and by helping to create increased economic opportunities for poker players.

The WPA was created to represent the interests of poker players around the world who seek to affect the future of poker competition, individually and as a group.

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