George Danzer: "We Have to Tell People it Can Be Fun to Watch Poker"

George Danzer
London, Paris or Berlin?

For more than 10 years George Danzer has been one of the most successful and respected players in the global poker community.

Online, the German Team PokerStars pro is one of the most accomplished all-around players in history.

He’s been at the top of the leaderboard of both the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) and Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) several times and secured multiple titles in both.

In 2014 he won the prestigious “WSOP Player of the Year” award after he won two bracelets in Las Vegas and then won a third one to beat Brandon Shack-Harris in a photo finish at the WSOP APAC.

He’s astonished audiences with his accurate analysis and reading of players’ hands live on the EPT stream and, thanks to his continual efforts to educate and share the game with new players, he's been named Best Poker Ambassador at the European Poker Awards.

George Danzer3
Take a chance on George.

"It's Not a Sport Yet"

But it doesn’t stop there. In his home country he's also a regular player and guest commentator on a televised cash game show which has run for 14 seasons on one of the national sports channels.

He’s always been happy to share his opinions and thoughts with the poker community, which is part of why he’s been so successful with his live streaming on

Always one to stay atop the trends Danzer is among the first poker players to dive into new strategy games including Hearthstone and the new star in town, HoldemX.

We caught up with Danzer during the EPT poker festival in Dublin and asked him for thoughts on "poker as a sport," the Twitch revolution and his odds on being picked today in the Global Poker League draft.

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