Gentle Ben mauls durrrr for $143k pot

Ben Grundy
Milkybarkid: Don't let the Scooby Doo-lunchbox look fool you. Guy can play.

But U.K.-based Betfair-sponsored pro Ben "Milkybarkid" Grundy undoubtedly is, proving himself time and again over the last decade (Grundy turned 30 this year) with winning sessions, both live and online, against the best players in the world.

Now apparently included in the list of players he's willing to throw his bankroll around with is one Tom "durrrr" Dwan - online icon and generally considered one of the best Pot-Limit Omaha players in the game today.

No details on the full session or overall results, but the two stepped up to at least one hand of heads-up PLO early this morning, with the net result a massive $143k pot - the biggest online so far today - that was pushed over to the 'kid.


hand history#, as tracked by the PokerListings MarketPulse section


Ben Grundy raises to $800
durrrr raises to $2,400
Ben Grundy calls $1,600

Flop: [3 9 7]

durrrr bets $3,350
Ben Grundy raises to $14,850
durrrr calls $11,500

Turn: [3 9 7][K]

durrrr bets $34,500
Ben Grundy has 15 seconds left to act
Ben Grundy raises to $60,079, and is all-in
durrrr calls $19,902, and is all-in
Ben Grundy shows [7 8 9 8]
durrrr shows [K K 2 A]
Uncalled bet of $5,677 returned to Ben Grundy

River: [3 9 7][K][6]

Ben Grundy shows a flush, nine-high
durrrr shows three of a kind, kings
Ben Grundy wins the pot ($143,303.50) with a flush, nine-high
durrrr adds $20,000


Total pot $143,304 | Rake $0.50
Board: [3 9 7 K 6]
Seat 1: durrrr (big blind) showed [7 8 9 8] and lost with three of a kind, kings
Seat 2: Ben Grundy (small blind) showed [K K 2 A] and won ($143,303.50) with a flush, nine

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