Gameloft releases Gus Hansen game

Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen goes mobile with Million Dollar Poker.

Million Dollar Poker featuring Gus Hansen is now available to the public to play on mobile phones.

Gameloft released the game this week. It is the only mobile poker game that integrates a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) to give opponents an ultra-realistic playing style, according to the company.

Not only did Gus Hansen lend his image to the game, he used his poker knowledge and skills to help develop the AI used in the game.

With four World Poker Tour championship titles as well as a first-place finish in the 2007 Aussie Millions, Hansen has a lot of expertise and experience to put into the game. He's also well-known in the online high-stakes cash game realm.

"The embarrassing thing is that I am yet to complete the game," Hansen said in his blog. "It takes a lot of skill to master the game's artificial intelligence as we wanted to create a game that offered a real challenge for you guys."

For the first time ever, a psychological dimension is applied that will allow the AI to study its opponents, remember their moves and strategize against them.

According to Gameloft, the game also has more than one million unique opponent profiles, assuring that each gamer's playing level will be perfectly matched, and the player will never face the same opponent twice.

The key features of the game are:

  • Next-generation AI developed with Gus Hansen
  • TV-like effects that give the player a realistic, subjective view to reveal the players' cards, TV host, TV camera view and renowned locations
  • Integrated function that can create one million different opponent profiles
  • Three main modes: Exhibition, Career and Heads-Up duels
  • Career mode allows players to participate in various types of tournaments to win enough money to access the most profitable poker events.

For more information about the game, visit .

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