Gambling's increasing popularity due in part to female players

The rising popularity of poker among the middle class can be partly attributed to the fact that women have become more active participants in the online gaming industry.

PartyGaming, owner of, which aims to float on the London Stock Exchange this month, says that 10% of its players are women, whereas other online gaming websites have put the estimate of women players at 30-40%!

Indeed, women gamers have become a force to be reckoned with, as many have taken up gaming as a hobby and log in daily to stake their claim in the online world. Their contribution to the rise in popularity of sites such as is tangible, considering that the gambling industry rakes in an estimated £4 million a day.

Partygaming is set to float on the Stock Exchange in what is expected to be the largest new listing in four years, with a price tag of £4 billion to £5 billion. It will only be open to institutions, much to the dismay of private investors, since investors stand to gain profitable returns from online gambling stock. For example, those who invested in Sportingbet shares two years ago when they first opened on the Stock Exchange have seen their shares rise from 18p to 290p.

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