Galfond commits murdurrrr

At the same table as yesterday's record-setting online pot, with almost the same cast, OMGClayAiken felted a flabbergasted durrrr.

After the $610k pot, it's no surprise that the top online pros made a point of staying at the table with the recently enriched reputed fish patatino. Overly long sessions, such as the one unspooling among these players at press time, always result in some strange hands going down.

It's not clear what exactly happened at this table since the massive online pot of yesterday, but it appears that durrrr and patatino both left and later returned at some point. patatino may have recycled his winnings at that time, but it's also possible Galfond's stack size leading up to this hand is the result of patatino spew.

Either way, having a rich fish on the table always changes the dynamics of play. It's most likely the explanation for the choices Galfond made in this hand:


8053448148 TABLE : RailHeaven (six-max) $500/$1,000 - No-Limit Hold'em - Sat Sep 13 2008 - 6:25am ET

Table Setup

Seat 1: trex313 ($342,803.50)
Seat 2: OMGClayAiken ($627,754.50)
Seat 4: patatino ($232,477.40)
Seat 5: durrrr ($153,743.30)
Seat 6: good2cu ($87,845.65)
OMGClayAiken posts the small blind of $500
patatino posts the big blind of $1,000
The button is in seat #1


durrrr raises to $3,000
good2cu has 15 seconds left to act
good2cu folds
trex313 folds
OMGClayAiken calls $2,500
patatino calls $2,000

Flop [J 4 7]

OMGClayAiken has 15 seconds left to act
OMGClayAiken checks
patatino checks
durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr bets $7,100
OMGClayAiken has 15 seconds left to act
OMGClayAiken calls $7,100
patatino calls $7,100

Turn [J 4 7] [5]

OMGClayAiken checks
patatino has 15 seconds left to act
patatino has requested TIME
patatino checks
durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr bets $26,200
OMGClayAiken has 15 seconds left to act
OMGClayAiken has requested TIME
OMGClayAiken raises to $108,900
patatino folds
durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr has requested TIME
durrrr raises to $143,643.30, and is all-in
OMGClayAiken calls $34,743.30
durrrr shows [A J]
OMGClayAiken shows [6 8]

River[J 4 7 5] [10]

durrrr shows a pair of jacks
OMGClayAiken shows a straight, eight-high
OMGClayAiken wins the pot ($317,583.60) with a straight, eight-high
durrrr adds $50,000

Yes, Galfond did call on the flop with a gut-shot. The reasoning behind this was quite possibly 100% implied odds. Not only does he have durrrr in the hand, who's a serious action player, but the third man in is the rich fish patatino.

Galfond feels that he's likely to earn $150k for his $7k call on the flop if he is to hit; 21-1 on your money is more than acceptable odds for a gut-shot draw. After hitting, galfond commits murdurrrr, getting all of Tom Dwan's chips into the pot, growing his stack to an even more impressive figure.

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