G What? - Gbecks wins FTOPS Event 5

Allen Cunningham
Allen Cunningham cashed in FTOPS V Event 5

Gbecks (also known as Garrett Beckman) overcame 1,678 players, including host Roland De Wolf, to take home first place at Event 5 of the FTOPS V, No-Limit Hold'em w/re-buys $300K guarantee. Even better, Gbecks did it all while being severely short-stacked at times.

It was another crazy day of poker at the FTOPS V. Although Allen Cunningham and Andy Bloch both cashed it was mostly lesser-known players that rose to the occasion.

For most of the day it looked like GB2005 was a virtual lock to win the tournament. GB2005 used a massive chip stack to bully his way through the event. Finally it was down to the last nine and GB2005 had a million more chips than his closest competitor. GB2005 also had rock star status with his custom avatar that he won during FTOPS II. The virtual railbirds were definitely impressed.

Alas, GB2005 dominance was not to last.

Approximately halfway through the final table GB2005's chip lead began to decay. Losing several large hands to Gbecks and darkbet, GB2005 was suddenly short-stacked. GB2005 was finally ousted in fifth by flopdisasta who hit a set of 10s.

20KJAY took GB2005's position as chip leader and continued his aggressive play which eventually got him a spot in heads-up play. It was 20KJAY with six million versus Gbecks with one million.

Unfortunately the aggressive play that got 20KJAY to heads-up seemed to disappear when he faced off against Gbecks. Gbecks, who was being cheered on by his friend and Full Tilt Pro Jeff Madsen, went on the offensive and was relentless in his betting. The turning point came when Gbecks bet $2 million on a board of A-J-A-J-9. With more than a million of his own chips already invested in the pot 20KJAY mucked his hand and relinquished the chip lead to Gbecks.

In the last hand of the tournament 20KJAY pushed all-in with K-5 suited and was called by Gbeck's A-7. Gbecks spiked an ace on the turn and the rest is history.

Gbecks takes home $102,383 for first while 20KJAY had to settle for $66,668. The top nine results are as follows:

Place Player
1 GBecks

Stay tuned to PokerListings.com tomorrow for news from Event 6, which played out Sunday, and Event 7, which plays tonight with a $1,000+$60 buy-in for a $1 million guaranteed prize pool.

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