Furious Phil Gordon knocked out in San Diego

The main event of the San Diego World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) started with a bang. Poker pro Phil Gordon couldn't handle the way he was knocked out and as a result got involved in a heated discussion with Erik Cajelais, who wasn't even in the hand.

It all started when Barry Greenstein knocked Gordon out with K-J against A-7. The Robin Hood of Poker made a pair of kings on the flop and sent a frustrated Gordon packing.

PokerListings.com reporter Owen Laukkanen was seated close to the players' table and overheared the heated discussion between Gordon and Erik Cajelais:

"As Gordon gets up to leave, he complains about the nature of his beat, and the normally reserved Erik Cajelais asks him, 'Why don't you just take your beat and leave?'

Gordon, flabbergasted, stops packing to stare down Cajelais. 'What the f- what the hell is your problem?'

'Just take your beat and leave,' says Cajelais. 'You'll be fine.'

'We'll meet again,' says Gordon, again starting to leave.

'You don't go deep enough in tournaments,' says Cajelais. 'We'll never meet.'"

The conversation didn't stop there, the two pros took their anger to another level - which you can read all about, along with the rest of the action that went down at the San Diego WSOPC, in today's blog in the PokerListings.com's Live Tournament Section.

If you are too lazy to read the live updates, we'll sum it up for you: Aside from Max Pescatori and Brandon Cantu were all eliminated as well.

2005 WSOPC New Orleans champion Peter Feldman rounded off Day 1 as chip leader with $128,700. He was followed by Joe Sebok and Steve Diano. Other poker pros who remain in the running include Barry Greenstein, Gavin Smith, Gavin Griffin and Erick Lindgren.

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