__FullFlush1__ trades pots with aejones

Good Reinforcement

__FullFlush1__ spent the night locked in a heated multi-table heads-up match against LeggoPoker's Aaron Jones (aejones).

The two most prominent theories as to who __FullFlush1__ is have him pegged as either the U.K.'s Luke Schwartz or Scottish player Rory "Mafews" Mathews.

The heads-up match in question, in $50/$100 NL Hold'em, was a pitched battle, filled with large pots across two tables. Regardless of who __FullFlush1__ really is, if he can continue to hold his own online against some of the most respected cash-game players in the world, he's going to do pretty well for himself.

In fact, in little over 60,000 tracked hands of Texas Hold'em (against many of the biggest names in the game), __FullFlush1__ has made almost $900k in profit. In forum speak:

[ ] Sustainable.

Translation: this win rate seems to be next to impossible to sustain. Variance is a thorn in the side of every poker player, especially those who are up against some of the best and most aggressive players in the world.

It's impossible to tell if this player will continue on his climb to the top, or bust out before the end of next month. The only certainty is that there'll be some big fireworks along the way.

Here are the three largest pots of the heads-up duel, starting with the largest:

Game: $50/$100 - Hold'em Table: Chef (heads-up) Players: __FullFlush1__, aejones Date: Feb. 27, 2009 2:08:08 ET Hand ID: 10864926354

A heads-up setup

Game: $50/$100 - Hold'em Table: Mole (heads-up) Players: aejones, __FullFlush1__ Date: Feb. 27, 2009 2:34:47 ET Hand ID: 10865172840

Deuce Deuce never lose

Game: $50/$100 - Hold'em Table: Mole (heads-up) Players: aejones, __FullFlush1__ Date: Feb. 27, 2009 1:43:04 ET Hand ID: 10864670296

__FullFlush1__ wins a coinflip.

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