Full Tilt sued over bot accusation

Howard Lederer
Howard Lederer and the rest of Team Full Tilt were named in the Kennedy/Omotoy lawsuit.

Two players accused of running bot software on Full Tilt Poker are now suing the online poker site.

Lary "pokergirl_z" Kennedy and Greg Omotoy filed a complaint in the Superior Court of California this week accusing Full Tilt Poker, all the members of Team Full Tilt, Full Tilt Pro Perry Friedman and TiltWare CEO Ray Bitar of fraud, false advertising, racketeering, unjust enrichment, libel and slander.

According to the suit, Full Tilt confiscated more than $80,000 from the two player's accounts after accusing them of using poker bot software.

Kennedy, who used both accounts after Omotoy abandoned his, claims she never used a bot or computer program and attempts to clear her name using a webcam to broadcast images of her actually playing were ignored by the site.

The lawsuit also accuses Full Tilt of a number of indiscretions, making several insinuations about the inner-workings of the organization.

Included in the allegations are claims that Team Full Tilt's Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Andy Bloch created poker bots to fill out online tables and generate revenue for the site and that Team Full Tilt members are playing on the site using company revenues, which is akin to being the house in a casino and therefore contrary to the site's claims it is not a gambling website.

Kennedy and Omotoy are seeking compensatory and punitive damages to be determined by the court based on Full Tilt's revenues.

Full Tilt Poker declined PokerListings' requests to comment on the suit.

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