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The Spoils of War

Do you have what it takes to be an Iron Man? If so, Full Tilt Poker is offering a big reward for your stamina and dedication.

Every month Full Tilt runs its exclusive Iron Man challenge and it's never been more lucrative to play a ton of poker. Players can reach Bronze, Silver, Gold or Iron status based on their daily accumulation of Full Tilt points. Each player to reach one of the four elite status levels will also have the opportunity to receive special Iron Man medals based on their performance.

You can redeem Iron Man medals in Full Tilt's Iron Man store for cash bonuses, tokens, the chance to create your own tables and more. Here's the number of medals you receive for the various status levels:

  • 100 medals for Iron Man status
  • 70 medals for Gold status
  • 40 medals for Silver status
  • 25 medals for Bronze status

It doesn't end there though. In future months you can earn medals by either maintaining your Iron Man status for consecutive months or by moving up to a higher status level.

It's possible to win an astounding 300 medals per month provided you have maintained your status for a number of months.

If for some reason a player fails to qualify for any Iron Man freerolls in a particular month, their status will be reset and they will have to start from month one.


Full Tilt also offers Iron Man players bonus freerolls, scheduled four times a month. If you manage to win one of the freerolls you'll qualify for a four-player sit-and-go for $5,000. The winner of the sit-and-go will go on to play three of the red Full Tilt pros. If you beat one pro you win an extra $5,000 but if you take out two pros you win $10,000. Even better, if you beat all three pros you receive an astounding $50,000. If you have Iron Man status Full Tilt will go ahead and chip in an extra $50,000 for a total of $100,000.

Full Tilt has also just announced Iron Man Plus for players who really go the extra distance. By earning a minimum of 500 Full Tilt points in a day and qualifying for any of the four Iron Man levels players can snag extra medals. A player can win up to 20 additional medals per day.

Qualifying for the Iron Man challenge begins Dec. 1 and runs until Dec. 31. The monthly freerolls will be held on Jan. 12 followed by the four-player sit-and-go on Jan. 13. The heads-up matches against the pros will take place on Jan. 20.

For more information go to Full Tilt Poker.

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