Full Tilt Poker Re-Opens for Play-Money, Balance Viewing

Color Coding on Full Tilt

After an epic 16-month wait full of twists and turns, Full Tilt Poker players from around the world can log-in to their old accounts as of today.

The new Full Tilt Poker has relaunched its slightly revamped website and is officially open for play-money play - a week ahead of its scheduled real-money relaunch.

Players outside of the United States can now log-in to check balances, player points and dabble in the play-money games as well as change their password.

Deposits and withdrawals are still unavailable until Nov. 6, as are player-to-player transfers.

US players are also still unable to access their accounts and will be until at least that date.

A note in the client informs US players to access FullTiltPoker.net at that point, although they will still be unable to withdraw funds until a process has been established with the US Department of Justice.

Players in regulated markets such as France and Spain can log-in and use the play-money tables but real-money play will not be available until a proper license has been arranged in each country.

UPDATE: Players in regulated markets (except for Italy) can now access and withdraw balances via the account-pairing function with their PokerStars accounts. See FullTiltPoker.com for details.

gus hansen2
Gus: Now the main man.

Hansen Front and Center, Promotions Plentiful

Among the more notable change players will see is the push for Gus Hansen as the new face of FTP along with Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom.

Also prominent is the new Deal Me in promotion set for Nov. 6-11 with $250k in added freerolls.

Full Tilt Poker Room Manager Shyam Markus has also started a thread on 2+2 with answers to several FAQs and a list of new features to look out for.

Among the more notable are:

  • Account linking and transfers to PokerStars
  • New double and triple chance tournaments
  • Auto post on all tables
  • Preferred seat selection
  • New "add table" features that match your current table
  • Faster shorthanded Rush Poker play

More info on the impending Full Tilt relaunch here.

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Ms Tease 2012-11-02 13:51:17

Go to CNET downloads and download Full Tilt Poker. It will update. you can use it from USA also. Enjoy..

Michael Marks 2012-10-31 20:03:51

it said i could download on oct 31st. now it says nov 6th whats up?

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