Full Tilt Poker Offers Last $50k Hurrah in Summer Freerolls

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Full Tilt Poker’s $500k of Summer Freerolls is coming to an end this weekend but not before the site gives away $50,000 in prizes.

If you haven’t been following the $500k of Summer Freerolls, Full Tilt has been giving away $1,500 in tickets through freerolls every day.

$500k of Summer Freerolls got a significant boost this week when the daily amount of prize money was boosted to $10,000.

This weekend there will be over 20 separate freeroll events with $50,000 in prizes up for grabs along with two “mystery” events.

While hunting freerolls this weekend you might want to check out Full Tilt’s two other value-laden promotions.

Jackpot Sit & Gos, Ring-Game Ticket Discounts

Full Tilt is still running significant discounts on ring-game tickets, which you can use to buy into any cash game on the site.

Discounts run as high as 25%.

You can also take part in Full Tilt’s three-player Jackpot Sit & Gos where the site randomly multiplies the prize pool by up to 2,000.

That means a $1 Sit & Go could potentially net you a share of $2,000.

FTP will award $20,000 in Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments this weekend alone.

Download the Full TIlt software and create a new player account via our Full Tilt Poker review to access and be eligible for our exclusive bonuses and freerolls.

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