Full Tilt Poker Launches 'New to the Game' Tables for Beginners

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Where to find the New to the Game tables.

Full Tilt Poker is changing the face of online poker with its "New to the Game" tables exclusive to beginner players.

What's the difference from the regular tables?

Most importantly, play moves much slower than a standard table with more time to think over each decision and understand the action.

In-game "tool tips" are also available to offer help in game situations and let you know what your options are at the table.

Your current hand strength is also always displayed so you can see where you stand as the hand progresses.

How The Tables Work

Eligibility to play at New to the Game cash-game tables and tournaments is simply based on the number of hands or tournaments you’ve played.

For cash games, the limit is 2,000 hands and for tournaments and sit-and-go's the limit is 75 events.

Phil Ivey
No pros allowed at new tables.

Once you've played that amount in any game you can no longer access the "New Player" tables.

Note: Even if you reach the limit in Hold’em you can still access New to the Game tables in other variants like Omaha. If you hit the limit in cash games you can also still access New to the Game tournaments and vice-versa.

How to Find the Tables

To find the New to the Game table tables in the Full Tilt client, first download the software here if you have yet to create a Full Tilt account.

Once you have an account, access the "Basic View" of the lobby which will give you step-by-step instructions. To find it, open the Options menu and select Lobby View > Basic View.

If you're eligible for the New to the Game tables in the game  you're looking for, you'll be automatically directed.

For more on Full Tilt poker and to sign-up for a new account, check our Full Tilt Poker review.

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