Full Tilt Poker launches fantasy poker league

Allen Cunningham
Cunningham: Everybody's fantasy #1?

Mainstream sports fans have been enjoying the anguishing trials and tribulations of fantasy sports leagues for years.

Win your fantasy sports league - with your team of drafted players earning the most points over the course of a season - and you'll have bragging rights in virtually any softball league or sports bar for weeks on end.

Full Tilt Poker is now bringing the same element to the world of poker, launching the 2007 Fantasy Poker League for their players.

To play, all you have to have is an account at Full Tilt.

Each player then picks a team of fifteen pro players, broken into five players on the "A" level, five on the "B" level, and five on the "C" level.

For every dollar in tournament winnings a player on the "C" level wins, you get one point. For every dollar a "B" level player wins, you get two points. Each dollar an "A" level player earns gets you three points.

Pros will play in a total of 52 events, and fantasy players can change their team line-up for every single event, with players obviously wanting to have the highest earning players on their "A" team.

Players can also pick one team of pros and keep them for every event.

There are no fees to play, and real prizes are handed out for participants who acquire the most points in a single tournament, and also to overall leaders.

Prize packages include Full Tilt basketball jerseys and baseball caps, along with entries into freeroll tournaments. The winner of the main event freeroll will win a free tournament entry to a land-based event in 2008, worth over $10,000.

For all the details, and more information about the pros available for selection visit Full Tilt Poker.

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