Full Tilt Poker joins Cabvision to promote poker

Full Tilt Poker has joined with Cabvision to launch an interactive poker series that will be shown as part of the Cabvision network in London taxis.

The new show is a marketing campaign for Full Tilt Poker and will use content from the site's "Learn from the Pros" series to give passengers in the cabs tips from professional poker players followed by an interactive quiz. The show will cover topics such as bluffing and reading other players.

"We are delighted that Full Tilt Poker has taken advantage of so many of the things that Cabvision can offer. A combination of audience, system flexibility and the right message makes this a great marketing fit," said Tom Paton, Cabvision Digital Media Sales director of sales and marketing. "The campaign will really get the message across to serious poker players in London and boost Full Tilt Poker's profile and share of voice. This is one of the biggest campaigns to date on Cabvision and shows its ability to attract big-spending, younger consumers."

The show was created as a part of Full Tilt Poker's marketing campaign to bring more players to the site. While the show is playing in cabs, a ticker tape message will promote the site, and it will also be promoted on the taxi receipts.

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